Writing down to-do lists, goals, and plans is one of the productivity hacks that many subscribe to. The bullet journaling hype that has taken social media by storm shows that using pen and paper for productivity is still very much alive. If you are unfamiliar with this type of journaling, there are free bullet journal templates online that you can use to see if it works for you. Here are just some of the reasons why many got hooked.

The many possibilities
A bullet journal offers a lot of flexibility. You can use it as a simple to-do list notebook. Or you can transform it into a work of art in the process by combining aesthetics and function. For some people, it has become a hobby that helps unleash their creativity while keeping them organized. Whatever you choose to do with it, the bulleted notebook you have can serve its purpose well.

Self-improvement tool
Bullet journals can also be nifty tools if you want to keep track of your habits. You can easily make a list of the things you want to start doing and start tracking. It is a visual habit tracker that allows you to see your progress at a glance and make the necessary adjustments if needed.

Builds mindfulness and reduces distractions
There are many great task management and other productivity software applications you can use on your computer and mobile devices. But keeping a notebook or bullet journal allows you to focus on writing what you have in mind with fewer or no distractions. There are no alerts or notifications, open tabs on your browser to check, and more. Writing or doodling on your journal can be a mindfulness activity that keeps you grounded to the here and now.