Be productive and use the appropriate saw for the project you have in mind! After going through this article, I’m pretty sure you’ll figure out what you should purchase. So be sure to check out the reviews of saw tools after reading this.

Band Saw

Whether portable or stationary, this saw is used to cut complicated curves into wood. Though it could cut tube, PVC, and pipes, there’s depth limitations.


Use a chainsaw for tree limbing, felling, pruning, bucking, and more.

Chop Saw

This is the largest compact version of a circular saw and is used to cut through metal and stone.

Circular Saw


This saw, which uses a toothed blade, is a powered saw that can cut through almost anything—wood, plastic, stone, metal, and more.

Compound Miter Saw

This can create straight, miter, and compound cuts. It’s used to make cuts for complicated scrollwork and trim.

Flooring Saw

Obviously, this type of tool is made to re-saw flooring, whether that’s engineered, laminate, hardwood, or bamboo.


As a versatile handheld saw which has a narrow blade, this is best for cutting odd shapes and complex curves. It can either be cordless or corded.

Miter Saw


The miter saw is used for trimming and any other job that involves precise angled cuts. it can rotate up to 45° to any of the sides of a 90° cut. It’s called a miter saw because it can cut long mitered ends.

Pole Saw

Need to cut branches and large shrubs? Do it with a pole saw!

Radial Arm Saw

This is used to make similar compound cuts, miter cuts, and more. You can insert a dado blade to it to make cuts for dado, half lap or rabbet joints.

Reciprocating Saw

This saw is used to slice through tubing, wood, and plastic. It’s generally used in construction as well as demolition work. It can make cuts underneath wood joints and walls too, because of its blade that can cut through wood and nails.

Rotary Saw

Also known as rotary tool, this is utilized to make precise cuts without the demand for a pilot hole. It can cut through plywood, wallboard, and other thin solid materials. It’s ideal for cutting through walls for repairs.

Scroll Saw


This saw can cut detailed curves in metal, wood, and other materials. It can create complicated patterns, spiral lines, and scroll work.

Table Saw

This saw can miter-cut, rip, square, cross-cut, dado, rabbet, and more.