5 Must-Read Books on Health, Fitness, and Happiness

Reading can be a transformative experience. A good book, at the very least, can be a source of learning or insight. It can even inspire action as what many people have discovered for themselves. So regardless if you want to be inspired to create healthy lifestyle changes or just want to read something interesting, here are some of the best books on health, fitness, and happiness that you may want to add to your must-read list.

1. Food Matters by Mark Bittman
When was the last time you really paid attention to what you were eating? In this book, food expert Mark Bittman makes a case for mindful eating and how conscious eating can help you live healthier. He shares some practical guidelines on paying more attention to the food you eat and nutritional recipes that should help you get started.

2. How Bad Do you Want It? by Matt Fitzgerald
Whether it is excelling in sport or sticking to a healthy diet and everything in between when it comes to life, getting the result you want often boils down to how bad you want to get it. This book provides interesting insights on how you can develop the will and mental strength to accomplish what you set out to do whether it is about losing weight or living healthy.

3. Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain by John Ratey
If you need more convincing on why you should exercise, then this book should have plenty of compelling reasons that will inspire you. Author Dr. John Ratey explores the mind-body connection and shares a lot of fascinating information on why exercise is good for your brain.

4. Stumbling on Happiness by Daniel Gilbert
Far from being a guide to being happy, Stumbling on Happiness is about taking a look at perceptions on happiness and how those views may be hindering people from experiencing it.

5. Sugar Nation by Jeff O’Connell
This book is an interesting read not just for people who eat a standard American diet or those who have a family history of obesity, diabetes, or heart disease among other health conditions. Informative and engaging, Sugar Nation is an eye-opener that will change the way you look at your diet and the food you eat.

How Hiring a Handyman Can Make You Productive in the Office

Don’t underestimate handymen! They can increase your productivity in the office, whether you’re the employer or employee.

Here are the ways how handymen can do as claimed:

They can keep you working

leaky-faucetA broken lightbulb, a leaky faucet, a broken hinge on a cabinet. These things are annoying, and they can hamper your work. A well-lit room, a water-saving faucet, and a working cabinet, on the other hand, are preferred by those who wish to be fruitful at what they do. After all, dealing with small issues can make the entire office look unwelcoming. Missing or damaged tiles, holes in the wall, or a rough paint coat can all affect employee moods. Good thing handymen can perform maintenance and improve productivity in the workplace. A well-maintained office can improve morale; foster motivation and positivity; and help people stay focused on what they have to accomplish for the day.

They don’t allow you to waste your time

Having to deal with maintenance issues is not the reason why you’re getting paid. If you weren’t hired to replace light bulbs, fix running toilets, set up new furniture, etc., then doing so will only mean you’re wasting your time doing something you’re not even supposed to worry about. And let’s be honest, there are people in the office who can’t concentrate working until that one light bulb has been replaced or that broken door has been repaired.

Fortunately, handymen exist! They can perform all those repairs and replacements, allowing everyone in the office to spend their time on the things that they should be completing. Hiring a skilled handyman can save a lot of time because they can finish faster and perform the jobs efficiently. Trust them, they have various tools from impact drivers to chainsaws and are skilled in using those whenever applicable.


Speaking of tools, just like motorcycle enthusiasts, handymen also own the special tool featured in https://motorbikewriter.com/important-motorcycle-tool/.

They make the working environment safer


Handymen can make the office a place that’s safe. After all, who wouldn’t worry about a broken ceiling fan or a moody air conditioner? When the working environment is safe for all, employees and clients can feel more comfortable, stopping them from being anxious about the small things that could endanger them anytime. Thanks to handymen services, you can stop thinking about the flickering lights, the broken tiles, the broken water pipes, so on and so forth. Handymen can maintain the office and reduce the risk of potential accidents. No need to worry about getting injured in the office when you hire a handyman!

How to Be More Productive with a Coffee Cup

Want to be more fruitful every day? Drink coffee! This article will make you check out single serve coffee machines right away because of how coffee can make you productive.

Learning Faster

apple_coffee_computer_cup_desk_iphone_laptop_mobile_phoneAccording to studies, coffee can help you learn quicker than before. 200 milligrams of caffeine can stimulate cognitive skills. This is why many writers, entrepreneurs, and video editors drink coffee. They know coffee can give their mind the boost they need to make better decisions, come up with new ideas, and innovate. This is advantageous because if you can learn quicker, you’ll be able to do more in one day. Your boss will surely be impressed! What are you waiting for? Get a coffee maker now and gain knowledge faster with regular intake of coffee!


You can’t be fruitful if you’re physically exhausted. Remove that feeling of being drained by drinking a cup of your favorite coffee drink, and you’ll see—coffee is like a magic spell that can boost your energy. Coffee can improve your reflexes too. It can help you finish tasks that need mental and physical strength. In fact, athletes love coffee because they know the drink can improve their energy levels. No wonder cyclists drink coffee before, during, and after training!

Coffee doesn’t only give you energy; it also improves your motor senses, making you more productive. Trust me; coffee can make you produce better results. If you’re not a coffee lover yet, I have to say; you’re missing one of the joys in this life. As the third most consumed beverage in the entire planet, coffee deserves to be in your life more. I’m not saying you should be addicted, but drink coffee more, and you’ll be more energized. And do you know what happens when you’re stimulated? That’s right! You do more.


Coffee Cafe Beverage Coffee Shop Hands Drink CupWe all know this benefit of coffee. It can keep us alert and awake thereby increasing the productivity levels. Caffeine can get rid of that somnolent feeling that’s keeping you lazy and unproductive. The more alert you are at work, the quicker you can finish your tasks, and the better you can enjoy your day. Caffeine can make you more alert by blocking adenosine, which is responsible for making you tired and sleepy. As long as you consume the drink in moderation, drinking coffee can be advantageous.

Research tells us that an adult must drink only up to four cups of coffee a day. More than that is too much already. If you have to finish a pile of reports, rely on your coffee—it can keep you awake. It will also enhance your creativity while keeping you alert. Coffee is the solution whenever you feel like you don’t want to work anymore. It can improve your memory skills as well. Coffee is really a powerful drink.


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Choosing the Right Saw for the Job

Be productive and use the appropriate saw for the project you have in mind! After going through this article, I’m pretty sure you’ll figure out what you should purchase. So be sure to check out the reviews of saw tools after reading this.

Band Saw

Whether portable or stationary, this saw is used to cut complicated curves into wood. Though it could cut tube, PVC, and pipes, there’s depth limitations.


Use a chainsaw for tree limbing, felling, pruning, bucking, and more.

Chop Saw

This is the largest compact version of a circular saw and is used to cut through metal and stone.

Circular Saw


This saw, which uses a toothed blade, is a powered saw that can cut through almost anything—wood, plastic, stone, metal, and more.

Compound Miter Saw

This can create straight, miter, and compound cuts. It’s used to make cuts for complicated scrollwork and trim.

Flooring Saw

Obviously, this type of tool is made to re-saw flooring, whether that’s engineered, laminate, hardwood, or bamboo.


As a versatile handheld saw which has a narrow blade, this is best for cutting odd shapes and complex curves. It can either be cordless or corded.

Miter Saw


The miter saw is used for trimming and any other job that involves precise angled cuts. it can rotate up to 45° to any of the sides of a 90° cut. It’s called a miter saw because it can cut long mitered ends.

Pole Saw

Need to cut branches and large shrubs? Do it with a pole saw!

Radial Arm Saw

This is used to make similar compound cuts, miter cuts, and more. You can insert a dado blade to it to make cuts for dado, half lap or rabbet joints.

Reciprocating Saw

This saw is used to slice through tubing, wood, and plastic. It’s generally used in construction as well as demolition work. It can make cuts underneath wood joints and walls too, because of its blade that can cut through wood and nails.

Rotary Saw

Also known as rotary tool, this is utilized to make precise cuts without the demand for a pilot hole. It can cut through plywood, wallboard, and other thin solid materials. It’s ideal for cutting through walls for repairs.

Scroll Saw


This saw can cut detailed curves in metal, wood, and other materials. It can create complicated patterns, spiral lines, and scroll work.

Table Saw

This saw can miter-cut, rip, square, cross-cut, dado, rabbet, and more.

The Perks of Bullet Journaling

Writing down to-do lists, goals, and plans is one of the productivity hacks that many subscribe to. The bullet journaling hype that has taken social media by storm shows that using pen and paper for productivity is still very much alive. If you are unfamiliar with this type of journaling, there are free bullet journal templates online that you can use to see if it works for you. Here are just some of the reasons why many got hooked.

The many possibilities
A bullet journal offers a lot of flexibility. You can use it as a simple to-do list notebook. Or you can transform it into a work of art in the process by combining aesthetics and function. For some people, it has become a hobby that helps unleash their creativity while keeping them organized. Whatever you choose to do with it, the bulleted notebook you have can serve its purpose well.

Self-improvement tool
Bullet journals can also be nifty tools if you want to keep track of your habits. You can easily make a list of the things you want to start doing and start tracking. It is a visual habit tracker that allows you to see your progress at a glance and make the necessary adjustments if needed.

Builds mindfulness and reduces distractions
There are many great task management and other productivity software applications you can use on your computer and mobile devices. But keeping a notebook or bullet journal allows you to focus on writing what you have in mind with fewer or no distractions. There are no alerts or notifications, open tabs on your browser to check, and more. Writing or doodling on your journal can be a mindfulness activity that keeps you grounded to the here and now.

How to Create Your Own Work/Life Balance

For many people, work/life balance may seem like an elusive thing. How it works for one person may not necessarily do the trick for another. The idea of completely balancing work and life may seem farfetched. But finding a perfect balance should not be the goal. Rather, it is about looking for that spot somewhere between doing great work without sacrificing a quality of life that makes room for more fulfilling things to happen. If you want to find that sweet spot where you get the most from work and in life, here are some things worth doing.

Manage your priorities and keep realistic goals or expectations.
There are a lot of things that can get in the way of achieving work/life balance. Setting a goal to fast-track your career or build a multi-million business in a short time does entails a lot of work that could eat up a lot of time. You do not have to give up on such lofty goals if they are important to you. But you may have to put off the work and life balance that you seek if you want to stay on the career or business course you have set for yourself. Or you can adjust your goals and expectations to make more room for personal time. Find a place somewhere in the ideal balance that helps you stay on track with your work goals while still maintaining a semblance of life.

Find workarounds.
Whether you are working for an employer or running your own business, find workarounds that allow you to do the job without sacrificing personal time. Find out if there are company policies that let you telecommute or work from home, if needed. If you are running your own business, consider creating an environment that promotes quality work within designated work hours and respects time off from work.

Make technology work for you, not against you.
Technology can either be a boon or a bane depending on how you use it. It can help improve your productivity. Or it can be a source of non-stop distractions. Protecting your time is one of the best things you can do to keep a life outside of work. Watch out for digital distractions. Remove or delete alerts on notifications on email, social media, and your phone. Use web apps that help you block websites that are not essential to your work. Unplug as soon as you are done with work to make time for personal things.

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